seeing the signs

Sight is probably one of the most essential gifts we have as human beings.


As Christians we have natural sight and we have spiritual sight

Ephesians 1:18.

If the Holy Spirit, which is Gods presence, lives within us (Acts 2:17-19) we have the ability to tune into the frequency of heaven and hear and see what God is saying to us everyday of our lives.


God in the bible spoke through the heavens, angels, a donkey, visions, dreams, a finger writing on a wall and many other creative means.

It's time to discover that God is still creatively speaking like this today?


Today was a day when I was facing many pressures in life and business, at times like that you can either carry them yourself or turn to God.

I decided to go out for a drive and as I was driving I asked for Gods grace.

Within a few minutes I saw the sign in the picture above, it immediately confirmed that God's grace was with me, and I could face the problems in the week ahead.


Supernatural signs like this are all around us, to encourage us and to show us we are heading in the right direction.


Why don't you ask him to speak to you today in a creative way? It might be through a book, or the TV but it will be unique and a way that only God could do it.


Go on I dare you!

Jonathan edwards 
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