calling all prodigals!

Return, you backsliding children,

And I will heal your backslidings.

Indeed we do come to You,

For You are the Lord our God.

Jeremiah 3:22


I believe in this verse there is a cry from the heart of the father to every backslidden Christian, its calling for every wayward child of God to return to the God who loved them and is ready to heal them.


God is calling time on his wandering people, and on their wickedness and amplifying his voice into their lives and it cannot be silenced.

His voice to them is not a voice of judgement, but of Mercy, because mercy triumphs over judgement James 2:13, and its calling the prodigals to return home to the Father and to the family of God.


One of the hallmarks of 2016 and beyond is that we will see more and more prodigal sons and daughters return home to Jesus Christ, and find their first love again. 


During the first three weeks of February myself and my wife Anna, have seen over 19 people who have been away from God, recommit their lives to Jesus. I don’t think I am aware of a time where in every meeting we have ministered, we have seen prodigals do business with God and put their lives right with Jesus.

Therefore I believe its important that we realise and take note of what the Spirit of God is doing?


He is bringing the backslidden to their senses and showing them that without God, life is like a pig sty and you lose everything just like the story of the prodigal son Luke 15 14:17


That they have sinned against God Luke 15:18


That they will expect to return like slaves, but God the father will restore them as sons Luke 15:20-23.

The prodigal son in Luke 15 came home in rags, but the father clothed him in robes, a ring and sandels, also the robe was not just any robe, but the best robe, signifying full restoration from all that he had lost. 

God is going to restore for the prodigals the years that the locusts have eaten Joel 2:25, those wasted and barren years, for he will restore them into years where they achieve in God more than ever dreamed was possible Eph 3:20.


Church we must pray and be expectant for the prodigals to return, and we must welcome them back not with the finger of judgement, but open arms of love. 



This is their time and their season.

Jonathan edwards 
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