Burnt out body and spirit

Whilst out on a ministry trip earlier this month, I realised that I was feeling unnaturally tired.

Yes, this year myself and Jonathan have worked hard to build the ministry, whilst raising kids and looking after Dylan the dog!

But still, I shouldn't be that tired?

I was waking up eating breakfast then wanting to go back to bed again, I also noticed I was pretty breathless and unable to walk as far as I could before.

Every part of my body ached and I really couldn't be bothered to do anything.

What is happening?

Am I getting old very quickly?

Turns out I have Anemia, this is a condition that develops when your blood lacks enough healthy red blood cells or haemoglobin, this causes my blood to not have enough oxygen to carry to where it is needed and subsequently making me feel very tired.

After finding this out I armed myself with loads of ferrous surface tablets, and I started to give my body what it so desperately needed.

I was lucky to be staying with a friend at the time and I have to say I was very well looked after, with cooked diners with iron-rich leafy greens and lots of cake (for medicinal purposes only) 😋

What was true, and happening in my body in the natural, is also true in the spiritual, I had been working hard and had taken very little time for myself or come to think of that, leave any room for God.

I think we all go through seasons like this.

But what now?

How do I move from a position of weakness, to what the scriptures say is true?

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me?

Well just like my body needed certain things to keep it going, my spirit man needs things to keep going.

I sat in the car on the way home to Wales thinking 💭 what do I need to do?

The answer came pretty easy as I know the answers, as I've been here before, but its just so easy to get wrapped up with things of life and forget.

I put on some worship music and started to soak in the presence of God, instantly my whole body felt alive again, the heaviness that had been over me left.

It was like water had been poured all over my thirsty soul.

We can get so wrapped up in doing life, and doing good things, that we forget to look after ourselves properly.

So go and give your self what your soul and body really crave.

I know mine was crying out for time with Jesus.

What are your soul and body crying out for today?

Jonathan edwards 
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